What to do in Vancouver

Welcome to Vancouver! For evening social activities, after the day’s programming is over, we welcome you to self-organize. First, please refer to the map & lists below for local things to do in Vancouver.

If you have a Community account, please connect with others to plan social activities:

  • Go to the Space button on the navigation button and select Meetings & Events/2019 REDCapCon/Attendee Participation Options/Social Activities Planning.

  • You can also use the whiteboard outside of the ballrooms. Write a note on the board that reads, for example, “Granville Island, Wednesday, meet at 7pm by the hotel restaurant”. You can also tweet #redcapcon with your plans.

  • Below are some very informal social outings which are being planned. Please check the white board, Community, and Twitter for the most recent updates, as plans may be changed or cancelled in the event of rain. Thank you!

food & drinks!

Click the expand/arrow icon on the top left to view detailed information for restaurants, coffee shops, top attractions, etc.

The Tourism Vancouver website also recommends fantastic activities and places to visit, everything from camping and outdoor adventures, to BC wine country, to Vancouver nightlife, and ‘free or almost free’ events: https://www.tourismvancouver.com/activities/.

Evening Social Activities

September 16

Kickoff Dinner (6pm)

September 17

Tentative onsite optional social activity (7pm)

Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant Gathering (TBD)

Granville Island - Water Taxi & Walk (TBD)

Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers hockey game (7pm)

September 18

Night Owls: Optional after hours small groups (7pm)

  • External Module Coding

  • Admin-to-Admin Help Session

  • Collaborative space

Coal Harbour Seawall Walk (TBD)

Visit a Vancouver brewery (TBD)

Bard on the Beach 2019: Shakespeare in Love (7pm)

Ghostly Gastown Walking Tour (7:30pm)

September 19

5 KM Map

TBD . . .

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