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Session Information

The poster session will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 18. The conference room location, setup/removal times, session start/end times, and other details will be posted here closer to the event.

  • This session is only open to conference attendees.

  • We anticipate accepting a maximum of 30 posters.


April 26: Volunteer survey opens. Poster submissions are part of this survey. Submissions will be processed within one week of completion; acceptance communicated via email.

August 9: Poster submissions close (unless the maximum of 30 has been reached before this time).

August 16: All presenters are contacted to confirm final session details. This includes providing an electronic version of the poster, which will be made available to conference attendees.

September 2: Deadline for presenters to provide the electronic version and confirm poster details.

Mid-September (a few days before the conference): Poster details will be incorporated into the final agenda and made available to conference attendees.

September 18, afternoon: Poster session held in conference space at the hotel. Anticipated duration is ~90 minutes. Competition voting is open throughout the session and until late that evening.

September 19, afternoon: Competition winners announced.

Poster Submission

Poster topics are completely open - anything goes! The only requirement is that the poster MUST feature REDCap as an integral part of the study or project.

When you register for the conference, you will receive a survey link in your registration confirmation email. This link is used to volunteer for all types of presentations, including the poster session. Attendees should complete the POSTER SUBMISSION section in the volunteer survey to submit their poster idea. The survey link is also available on the REDCap consortium’s internal Community platform.

Submission of the survey does NOT guarantee you a presentation spot in the poster session. You will be contacted by email within one week of your submission and told the submission status and next steps.

We recommend that each poster have only one presenter (i.e. the person standing with the poster during the session). But if your poster has multiple presenters, please be mindful that your poster submission will not be processed until each individual presenter has separately submitted their volunteer survey.

Presenters will be contacted by email closer to the event, to confirm final session details (including their poster number). At this time, presenters will also 1) provide an electronic version of their poster, 2) confirm the poster title and presenter names, and 3) provide a short summary of their poster. These details will be made available to conference attendees shortly before the event and will remain accessible via Community.

Poster Information


We will provide poster boards which are 4 ft. high x 8 ft. wide. Your poster can be any dimension and orientation, but it must fit on this size board.

Please ensure all font is large enough to easily read. We suggest making text at least one inch high.

Please include the poster title near the top. You have complete freedom in designing the remaining layout.



You are responsible for printing and transporting your poster to/from REDCapCon.

We will supply you with binder clips/push pins to affix your poster to the board. We will also have general supplies available (e.g. tape, scissors).

Poster numbers will be communicated to you closer to the event; they will also be put on the boards by conference staff before you arrive. When you affix your poster to the board, please ensure the poster number is still visible after your poster is up.

Please note the boards are double-sided. One poster will be mounted on each side of a board.

You can bring handouts, miniature versions of your posters, business cards, etc.

No power outlets, extension cords, chairs, or tables are planned to be available. So if you have any special requests, please email redcap@vanderbilt.edu to explore feasibility.

You do NOT have to stay at your poster for the whole session. It's ok to take a break. Feel free to get some snacks, look at other posters, and mingle with attendees.


Posters which are not removed by the presenters will be taken down by conference staff. They will be kept at the registration table and can be picked up any time before the conference ends.

Any posters not claimed by the end of REDCapCon (i.e. on Thursday afternoon) will be discarded.


Competing is optional. If you prefer, you can just present your poster and not be entered in the prize competition. You will be asked for your preference about competing during the poster submission.

Conference attendees will score each competing poster. The top three highest scorers will be announced during the afternoon plenary session on Thursday, September 19. Each winner will receive an electronic Amazon gift card ($160 for first, $130 for second, $110 for third – all in USD), and so will one randomly-selected voter ($100 USD).

All prize winners must visit the registration table before the end of Con to complete a follow-up survey (required by Vanderbilt’s financial officers) in order to receive their gift card code by email after the event.

Conference attendees will be provided with suggested voting criteria (see below) and will score each competing poster between 1 (poor) and 5 (absolutely fantastic). Only ballots scoring EVERY poster will be included in determining prizes.

NOTE: Prizes are subject to change.

Suggested Criteria for Evaluating Posters

  1. Methodology: Are objectives stated clearly? Are findings included and do they correspond to the objectives?

  2. Usefulness: Can the information be applied elsewhere? Is it interdisciplinary and generalizable?

  3. Clarity of Content: Is the poster well written? Is text easy to read?

  4. Visual Impact: Is the poster well organized and easy to follow?  Does it make good use of graphics?

  5. REDCap Contribution: How has this project benefited from REDCap support? Is the role of REDCap clear?

  6. Overall Reaction: Considering the above criteria, what is your overall reaction?


Please direct any questions about the poster session to redcap@vanderbilt.edu.